Recipe: Traditional Neapolitan-Style Pizza – LA Magazine

Hi, I simply discovered this excellent posting concerning pizza and understood that you would certainly have to see it. Everybody adores pizza so becoming much more experienced about pizza just makes sense. I really hope that you enjoy this idea regarding pizza as much as I did.

Recipe: Traditional Neapolitan-Style PizzaLA MagazineIn this month’s issue, author David Hochman learns what it takes to make pizza Napoletana in his feature “Life of Pie.” Technically, authentic Neapolitan pizza can only be made in a stone, wood-burning oven that reaches 900 degrees. This has to do with ……Recipe: Traditional Neapolitan-Style Pizza – LA Magazine

I wish that you liked that pizza write-up. I understand that I learned a few aspects of pizza that I didn’t understand. If you wish to know a bit more about pizza, I located these great pizza funds below to help you out.

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