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Vector Marketing Pay Answers

Maria asks… Is vector marketing a fraud? I got interviewed and got the job but i dont have to pay for the training (however i dont get paid out possibly) and i dont have to pay for the sample kit like many former vector emplyees. Is it worth the time? admin answers: It is a big fraud, my friend and I both got letters offering us promising sales positions with Vector right after we graduated High School. I had another job, but she concluded up getting the job. Eventually she had to pay for the knife sets that she was trying to sell, and then she only got her money again when she sold a set. Luckily she only acquired like 2 or 3 sets, and was done as soon as she sold them to some unsuspecting person. IT IS A Fraud!!! Ken asks… What exactly does “Vector Marketing” do? I’ve gotten multiple emails, flyers, and mail-in’s telling me that Vector Marketing is hiring students (such as myself). They brag about ‘flexible hours’ and ‘high initial pay ‘, they also talk a lot about their drastic increase in sales over the years. But the amazing thing is, no matter where I look, or who I ask, I can’t find out for the life of me just what the job would actually entail, they don’t say anything to this, even on their own website! Can anyone help me? I don’t want to commit to a potential job without knowing about it. admin answers: It is a Fraud…….well really not a fraud but they are not very clear or realistic with what they tell you. They sell CutCO knives, they require you to pay for a demonstration set and to then try to get people to buy their knives. The knives are over priced and not very good quality……….. Very few students actually sell any sets and actually lose money, those who do sell some sets may break even but most don’t………. It is believed that 95% of their contractors (you are not an employee) never break even. They have been sued for their deceptive practices in over 20 different countries and have been prosecuted by the government in over 13 countries. “I don’t want to commit to a potential job without knowing about it.”
don’t worry about that because this is NOT a job…. Linda asks… Does anyone have any experience with Vector/CutCo Marketing? Desperate for a job, I was exploring around the general labor classifieds on Craigslist the night before last and stuffed out an application to a company called Vector Marketing . I talked to the receptionist, she was very convincing in promising me $13/hr. base pay plus commission and got me set up for an interview at 5:45 PM today. She never really described to me how the job worked, all she told me is that I basically call people to set up appointments with clients to invest in the business. It appears really fishy to me, but at this point I’m willing to say yes to just about any job as I have been out of work for nearly two years now and am about to lose my house. Does anyone have any experience with this company? Thank you! admin answers: Do not do it, you will be very disappointed. They “hire” everyone, qualified or not ( mostly not ). The $13/hour is NOT for 8 several hours a day, it is only for each interview that you get. If you see one prospect a day, you get $13 a day. Doesn’t matter that you may have worked 3-4 several hours to set up the appointment. You will quickly run out of friends and family to sell to, and no one will want to be with you for any reason because they are afraid you’ll try to sell them something every time. In short, you will damage your social circles and have no friends left. I know of several friends who tried it, none succeeded, and none made any money for their initiatives. Oh, and they might require you to buy a “demo” kit for $195 or so. This kit is NOT returnable, so you in effect become their customer. That is why they will hire Everybody who goes for their interview – all become their “customers”. . Chris asks… Is Vector Marketing really a fraud? I have a interview with them today and I really wanted to know if what I’ve read about them on the internet is true, cause getting paid out $15.00 an hour with no experience seems a lil bit off to me. admin answers: Not exactly – they do sell a real product. But while you might in theory have Potential for $15 an hour, don’t expect to really see it. Betty asks… Should I take this job offer that was given to me by Vector Marketing? I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in Canada and my friends went for job interviews at Vector Marketing . I failed to really know what it was, so I called into their places of work. They told me that I could go in for an interview TOMORROW and they told me the following information:
-seemingly, I wouldn’t be working in a call heart or door-to-door, because they don’t do that any more
-i would get a base pay of $15.50/hour whether or not i sold merchadise
-I would be interacting face-to-face with a customer, no online products
-That if i got hired, i could pick an office to work at closer to home (since their regional building that I’m going to the interview for is all the way on the other facet of town)
-they had really adaptable several hours that i could choose from once I start school in the fall I appeared up on what other people thought about them, and i always heard some really negative products. Are they really a fraud? I’m not on commission (seemingly) so whenever i hear people complaining about the pay , I don’t really think i am going to have a problem with that. I don’t mind working and interacting with people, because I’m very sociable, but with the given information. Should I go for the interview and accept the job if they offer me one? admin answers: They are correct in some of the statements: You would not be selling door-to-door, because they want you to sell to family &amp friends. But you’ll run out of these pretty fast, then you’ll be compelled to do door-to-door if you want to keep selling. Most people stop before reaching this stage. You probably will work out of your home, using your own transport to visit your friends &amp family. So you will not work at their building. You will certainly interact with customers face-to-face. Which is how they sell – by demonstrating the knives in homes. Since you are required to make your own appointments, and find your own customers, your several hours will indeed be adaptable. I would be very skeptical about the claim of $15.50/hour whether you sold or not. As the poster above claims, get this fact in writing, and signed by a senior manager, not a field recruiter. My strong suspicion is that they are giving you a line to swallow. Avoid Vector, it will not be a good or profitable experience for you. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Continue reading

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