Facebook Answers

John asks… How do you keep Facebook from sending you emails every time a friend does something? Whenever a friend comments, likes, sends an invite, takes a crap, whatever, Facebook sends me an email notifying me. These fill up your inbox pretty fast. How can I keep from receiving them? Facebook won’t allow you simply delete your email, the freaking Nazis. Any suggestions? admin answers: Go into your account options, and it will be in there someplace Linda asks… How can I delete facebook mailsfrom my email? I haven’t used this email for months and I did not realize I forgot to turn off facebook ‘s feature of emailing for every single thing that happens. I’ve got about 3k mails from them. I want to delete all of them but I’m afraid I might delete some of my important mails along with it. Is there a way I can only delete facebook mails. admin answers: If your talking about deleting all of you Facebook e-mails from your email… I don’t think you can… You will have to do it manually… :p 🙂 =) Susan asks… How to delete a facebook account with username using your cellular phone number? So my cell phone number can be replaced with another facebook account? I want to make a new facebook account, with a fixed hp figures. How do I do it? admin answers: If someone has registered your number already and you have no provision of changing it then you can’t do it. Otherwise ask him to replace his/her phone number with a new number and then you’ll be able to use it as yours. James asks… How do I link facebook chat to my aim? I don’t mean using my facebook account to log into aim. I mean when I log into aim I can also chat with people on facebook . I accidentally deleted it and now I don’t know how to get it. admin answers: You should try google searching it. Mark asks… How do I stop facebook from recommending me to other people on facebook? I don’t want my pic to come up on other people’s facebook suggesting that they include me. Is there a way to shut this off? admin answers: In the privacy options of the facebook go to the option where you will get…..do`nt place my profile in facebook search Powered by Yahoo! Answers

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