Firefox Answers

Thomas asks… In Mozilla Firefox is there any way to limit how many previous sessions it saves to restore after a crash? When firefox crashes and I restart it, firefox allows me to choose from probably ten or twenty previous sessions. Is their any way to limit that to only about two or three? admin answers: Adjust Browser options and settings Donna asks… How come Firefox does not go to my internet homepage but to Pogo? When I use Firefox as my browser, it does not go to my homepage but if I use IE, it goes to my homepage. What should I do so that firefox goes to my homepage? Please help. admin answers: Press ALT and go to Tools&gtOptions. In the General Tab go to the section where it has the homepage info and put in your home page. By the way, homepages between browsers are different, they don’t have something like a “universal homepage.” Laura asks… How do I get Firefox to close out when I close my windows? It’s still showing it’s running under my Windows Task Manager Processes. When I can’t reopen Firefox , I hit control alt delete and open the Windows Task Manager and look under Processes, it shows Yahoo is still running and so is Firefox . What boxes can I click to close out Firefox and Yahoo? How can I get all these processes to close out when I exit? admin answers: Do u have ghostery add on for firefox if u do they had a problem with ghostery it would not let u close firefox it would still run on your task manger but ghostery has a new update that fixes that problem just up date hope that helps Charles asks… How can i get rid of a virus in Firefox? I made a mistake and approved an improper active x thingy in firefox . AVG found the virus. It couldnt remove it or heal it. Firefox has stopped working. Other online scanners including Microsoft defender have not found any viruses. What can i do? admin answers: Delete you temp internet files first it may be there restart your comp in safe mode (tap f8 while loading up) rescan your pc if found rescan till all clear.
If it is a virus you should be ok if a trojan it will be harder. Lisa asks… Is there a way to get Firefox to remember specific sites and forget everything else? Is there a way for firefox to remember only the history that you want it to remember and forget everything else? Like passwords to sites and login info? admin answers: Use Xmarks Powered by Yahoo! Answers

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